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How To Celebrate National Handbag Day

National Handbag Day! Yes, believe it or not – it’s a thing. Your handbag is your plus-one, so get ready to celebrate your bag bestie on October 10th. Make a date to take a pause and honour the goodness that is handbags of all sorts. Whether you like handbags the size of an envelope or those large enough to hold all your gear; all bags are created equal. Give an energetic ‘woot’ for what they do for your wardrobe; colours, designs, and bling these gorgeous grab-me’s bring to every taste and style.

No one wears your handbag like you, so stretch your selfie muscles and capture a pic of you and your #1 over-the-shoulder-holder. When you’ve got a shot that shows off your flair, post it on your socials using #urbanoriginals #nationalhandbagday. Revel in the handbag-loving vibes, and check out our Insta feed for some inspo.



Instead of seeing them hanging sadly in a corner, clean up and clean out your pre-loved handbags for someone else to love. Pass on the joy your handbag has bought you by taking the time to seek out a charity that supports women on low-incomes. Help them rejoin the workforce with confidence and enterprise. Check out Dress For Success; a global organisation that welcomes gently-used clothing and accessories to assist women in building an office-ready wardrobe. Empower other women to put their professional foot forward; think of your handbag as their headstart.



Nothing says ‘I know you’ like giving the women in your life the gift of a handbag, filled with your love. Finding the perfect bag for each of your ladies will earn you some serious friendship points. Present them with a pressie that provides them with the perfect outfit companion for all her holiday outfits; a Christmas and New Year accessory to fah-lah-love.



Pour yourself a generous glass of wine, find a sunny spot and put your feet up. Zone out, and spend some Zen time scrolling through Pinterest with us. Our Urban Originals feed is full of trends, street style and celebrity chic to give you ideas on how to lift your look.



If there’s a bag you’ve been lusting after or you’re itching for a style update, there is no better excuse to give that bag a new shoulder. Save your dollars, then fork out for your fresh and fab new handbag. On October 10th, sling it over and set out to take on the world.

So now you’ve got National Handbag Day in the bag. Say ‘hurrah’ for all the joyful handbag feels while you showcase your bag bestie.



On this national handbag holiday, we want to give you, our Urban Originals crew, some fashionable gratitude for all the love you’ve lauded on us this year. For a limited time, let’s hear it for handbags; shop our site with this discount code PARTY30 for 30% OFF SITE WIDE.