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Strongly believing that the future of fashion is, above all things, sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free, Urban Original is proud to offer a wide range of completely vegan backpacks. Made from vegan leather or PU (polyurethane) and designed by our Australian team here in Sydney, our unique backpacks are made with the planet, people and practicality at the front of mind. Browse our range of vegan leather backpacks online today and rest assured that a purchase from UO is a conscious purchase that considers the wellbeing of our beautiful world.

Vegan leather backpacks in different styles

Available in many colours, shapes and sizes, our range of vegan backpacks has something for everyone. For those looking for a fashion backpack for styling purposes, our Ziggy backpack in slick black vegan leather is perfect for everyday use. If you’re after something a bit more multi-functional, our One and Only vegan backpack has been specially designed with numerous pockets and detachable straps, so you can turn your backpack into a vegan crossbody bag as you wish.

Exceptionally well-crafted and practical, our After Tomorrow and Lovesome Backpack designs are ideal for those who rely on their backpack for work or uni. With both internal and external zip pockets as well as a designated laptop sleeve, you can easily pack and organise your clutch, computer, notebooks and more in these vegan leather backpacks. Whether it be a work, study or fashion-related purchase, you can count on our range of vegan backpacks for quality and practicality.

Buy an ethical vegan backpack from Urban Original today

Passionate about our planet and fashion, our range of vegan leather backpacks are designed from cruelty-free, low chemical and eco-conscious fabrics to provide you with stylish, useful and thoughtful bags for everyday use. Browse the range online today and enjoy free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $50.

For more information about our entire range of vegan bags, please don’t hesitate to email us at or have a read of our brand page.


What is a vegan backpack?

We’re glad you asked! A vegan backpack is the cruelty-free accessory of choice. Unlike leather bags, our ethical vegan backpacks don’t use any animal-derived materials. Instead, we champion premium quality vegan leathers and recycled materials where possible, working to very low chemical requirements. The result is a vegan backpack that is better for the environment, better for the animal kingdom, and better for you!

How are Urban Originals’ backpacks different from others?

The luxury vegan leather that we use for all Urban Originals backpacks is sturdy, while still feeling soft and supple just like animal-derived leather. As well as avoiding any animal cruelty in our manufacturing process, we’re committed to creating an ethical product that is also sustainable. All the styles of our vegan leather backpacks use an eco-conscious fabric that’s created by a low chemical process, leaving less of an impact on our planet.

How should l take care of my vegan backpack?

With proper care, your ethical vegan backpack should last you for years to come. There are a few rules of thumb when it comes to making sure your vegan leather looks and lasts at its absolute best. Firstly, you might notice a smell when you first receive your PU leather purchases. This will dissipate with time, but you can also hang your bag in an airy place for a few hours to speed this process up.

If you find any stains or dirt on your vegan backpack, use a clean, damp sponge or a baby wipe to rub the affected area and gently remove the stain. Vegan leather really doesn’t like water! Never wash your bag with water, and if you do get it wet (we get it, accidents happen), allow it to air dry. Blow drying or using artificial heat sources to dry out the material may damage it, so skip any hot heat. 

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